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Rise, rise

Your serpentine light body burns in your skull Pulling up your essence — The Pyramid Texts (translated by Susan Brind Morrow) Advertisements

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Stacy Always Says the Right Thing

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Latest Selection of the Great Lakes Center for Literocity Feminist Book Club

Dear Publisher: We’ll read it if we damn well want to!

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Northman 2207

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During the Reign of Max Headroom

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How the Rest of the Cosmos Views Us

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Spreading The jam of traffic Becalmed Becoming Notionally At rest

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Accidental Alley

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More Bondage in Nancy Drew

The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene, 1960 edition. There is a fair amount of people getting restrained in ND, but that’s probably because there isn’t a lot of actual murder.

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World Destruction

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