Hieros Gamos

In Amen Court

The dark arches

The water gate

The tomb of Eleanor of Castille

All Hallows shadowing

A wet day lying

On the Thames embankment

I ain’t asking shit of

The fixed standard

The plain of high heaven

Or the world across the river

Festering with harlots

Singing girls and

Impious maidens

Little boys peeping

From plate glass patios

Gallows meat products

Bad households infested

With cranky Asian girlfriends

Christian mingle partners

And Inferior Products, Inc.

Emergency scene ahead

An approaching

Anthropomorphic being

A colossal personification

Crazy for kicks with a prying

Gleam of kindred unruliness

The stillness and the unity

The thing that burns

Through the bullshit

Deliciously formed

She just oozes it


Isolating variable ecstasies

Even at this distance

What was said

What was shown

What was done

The ancient chthonic spirit

Of a deity unveiled

An immanent sacrality conferred

Flexing when amber with

Amazement it’s like day one

Enchantment discovery recognition

Dependent on her pleasure

For my place at the table

Fought for tongue and groove

Enzymes and games at

Opposite ends of female

Sexual aberration

A loss of consortium

This patient will most likely

Have to be subdued

Brought in dead

My tuxedo in the toilet

And my shoes in the sink

Being alive is called looking

It’s kind of a horror story

But you get used to it


About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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