Dear UBU,
Is it true that the real Mick Jagger was abducted by aliens and substituted with a counterfeit on the way to the studio for recording "Angie"?  Have you heard this theory before?  Amazing …. what was that, about 1974…?




Dear Fahs,
Maybe it’s a fiendish plot to cause another wardrobe malfunction at the superbowl halftime show (exposing the lack rather than the presence of a nipple, perhaps?) and thereby further degrade the social fabric of America in preparation for an Alien invasion.
You do have to ask yourself how a band that created the brilliant EXILE ON MAIN STREET could follow it with the putrid GOAT’S HEAD SOUP. (Did it have anything to do with the fact that during the recording sessions in Jamaica Bill’s girlfriend was raped while he hid cringing under the bed?) But if an alien replicant of Mick Jagger could have come up with SOME GIRLS, then I’m building a landing strip in my back yard.
It also starts me to thinking (not again!) — why is interest in aliens and UFO sightings so cyclical? Is now a down time because we have "terrorists" and terrestrial illegal aliens to take the place of the inscrutable, menacing OTHER our psyche so plainly needs? Or is it that the aliens see human life more as a potentially hazardous experiment they have to monitor at regular intervals? An interesting facet of the "intelligent design" theory is that UFOlogists have noted the discrepancies in early human evolution for years, but found the solution in alien genetic tinkering and breeding programs (as well as the belief that those suckers couldn’t keep their appendages off our women — and who can blame them). The funny thing is that given the state of the rest of the world that’s a more credible answer than the actions of the infallible hand of a benevolent deity — but I don’t think that’s going to be taught in Kansas any time soon.

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  1. Robert says:

    Where is it, Kansas?

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