Bust of a Woman with Serpents


Roger Hilton (1911–1975)

Jerwood Gallery

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Shaving is a way to start the workday by ritually not cutting your throat when you’ve the chance… — Ben Lerner

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Marble, height 105 cm
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon

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Liminal Label


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Joan Manning Saunders

Dunlop, Ronald Ossory, 1894-1973; Joan Manning Saunders

Ronald Ossory Dunlop (1894–1973)

The Hepworth Wakefield

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The Ghost in the Puddle


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Running past
A slim swift figure
Vibrant in blue striped shirt
And red moccasins
All trim thighs and short skirt
An influx of unconscious content
Palely shining in the half-light
With an uncomfortable fixity
And a far from encouraging look

She comes as an emissary
From the all in all
With an aggressive vitality
That never fails
Nervy and transgressive
Betraying no agitation
Bits of confetti
In her hair

In her bones lives
The Blue Goddess of Speech
Who sweetens all things
Who adorns sex for sex
Who leans out the window
Laying bare her ripeness to
Mellow the behaviour of men
The crown from the bottom of the sea
Whose body is manifestation

Now she has passed beyond my view
The blue eyed transmitter from the ice lands
Following the path of experimental individualism
Fecund with sublime symbols
Intentional but not functional
She who brings peace
A strange thing in this dark place
Sliding down Negley Hill

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Procter, Dod, 1892-1972; The Golden Girl


Even the golden daughter is hopeless

Despite her combination of grace and speed

Even the golden daughter even in shorts is hopeless

Can this be what the world is looking for?

Even the golden daughter even in shorts

Even at this time of night is hopeless

Bare legged but royal looking

Even her smashing the window of the van is hopeless

But she’s hungry enough to accept that

As within the holy, charged doorway

She looks up at the domelight and says

We don’t even know where we’re going


Artwork:  The Golden Girl by Dod Procter (1892–1972)

The Ingram Collection of Modern British and Contemporary Art

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