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O.K., then….

z 025Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society Of Pennsylvania

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Of the Meeting Rivers


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Saint Catherine of Alexandria, with the Defeated Emperor

Cat326Probably the left wing of a triptych

Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy, Netherlandish (active Bruges), active c. 1470 – c. 1500

Made in Netherlands,c. 1482

Oil on panel

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Train and Bathers

1962-19-70-pmaEdward Hopper, American, 1882 – 1967


Etching (fourth state of four)

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Abby Bass

cosmicbassexhibits her spiritual effulgence

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In Flight


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The world attracts you through your senses, and as long as you do not see the Sacred in the objects of your senses, you live in an awkward position, which scarcely helps you in procuring your spiritual elevation.

Sri Chaitanya: His Life and Precepts by Bhaktivinoda Thakur

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Angels strip you

They take everything

Japanese women in white

Covering their mouths

Giggling as they pull

Off your clothes


The door’s just big enough

To crawl through

More of a tunnel really


On the other side

There’s a throne

Gold vaguely translucent

And she’s sitting on it

Legs crossed


It’s the kind of a room

A throne would be in

The light diffuse

Through stained glass


On your knees

You confess everything

Every sin

Every desire

Every regret


She uncrosses her legs

You enter her

And you

Are reborn

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Window Dressing


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