The Benghazi Venus

venusAphrodite Anadyomene type but cut off (deliberately made this way) at upper thighs


Provenience: Libya, Benghazi (uncertain)

Period: Hellenistic Period

Date Made: 150-100 BC

Penn Museum

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Toward the end of August

In the dead leaves under the oak tree the drip made rustling noises, releasing smells and memories. When I was seventeen I spent a summer working on a dude ranch in the foothills of the Sierra. Toward the end of August, when the air was beginning to sharpen, I found a girl, and before the summer was over we met in the woods. Everything since has been slightly anticlimactic.

– Ross Macdonald, The Far Side of the Dollar

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Karla Conway 17


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All Summer

All summer

Distilled into

A single


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Joanie Maenad


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Divine Nature

sig4Due to the canny subtlety of her efforts

And the fiery nova of her beauty

She’s become a specific imaginative compulsion

A constellation of effects calling the

Earth to witness the exercise

Of her illusory energy on the

Uncertainty of human affairs


Prickly and prone to misfortune

Oversexed and fatally attractive

A sensory integration disorder

Assuming illusory form in just

The way she presents herself

Her divine nature represented so

Strongly created in a way irrefutable

A metastable false vacuum

Exhibiting spiritual effulgence while

Simultaneously describing opposing values

Both the experience and

The object of the experience


Still in the wild

Just outside

Her own web

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Woman in Red Vest


Jeanne Taylor

Oil on canvas

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

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& Ammunition

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Hippies Are Coming

hippiesgunsfor your tie!

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